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Type: Website
Client from United States
Category: Tech & Telecommunications
Style: Big photo
Color: Red

Shanandolan is a songwriter, vocalist, and motivational speaker sharing a message of life commitment and happiness that isn’t confined to one method only! She plans to impact the world and create the happiest place educating people through podcasts, songs, and impactful speeches. Here music videos are just amazing, with the perfect blend of lyrics and instrumental tunes.She needed a website where all of her latest music videos could be shared with her listeners. An umbrella unfolding music, podcasts, events photos, and speeches for her fans & lovers. The owner is a Christian Artist and wanted a website to share all of her life experiences with the fans. We developed an intuitive website with bright colors that give viewers a refreshing feel forcing them to visit the entire website and explore everything! A separate section where she can share all of her latest music videos with the fans & build a lasting relationship. Moreover, our designers designed an attractive web page to share all of her events photographs in high quality to grab viewers’ attention.