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Aleksandra Ostrowskiego 13a, Wrocław, Poland
+48 71 786 08 08
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About Company

SOFTITI is a leading European Software House, your reliable business partner in IT. From beginning we work with various size companies from different sectors like automotive, banking and finance, logistic and many more. In SOFTITI we believe in new technologies and creative ideas, that’s why we support many startups and innovative solutions. WE ARE EXPERT IN: - Web and mobile - Embedded technology - QA/QC Our solutions have helped many customer from various industries. We can also help you in solving difficulties that slow down your business. FULL SERVICE – FROM A TO Z We have an experience in successfully delivering products, from analysis and design phase through implementation up to integration, maintenance and after sales support. TRANSPARENT Full transparency of work process and its status to our customers. You have the latest knowledge about design and architecture of product. Decreased costs of introduction of late changes. You are always welcome to talk on skype or on site meeting. OUR VALUES: - Transparency - in cooperation and project management - Quality - of solutions we made - People - talented and open minded developers create our company - Flexibility - in business relations with you - Understanding - of your business needs WE ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK: SOFTITI is localized in Poland in Wrocław, which is well connected to major European hubs. Within 2 hours of flight from Prague, Berlin, and more capital cities. THE BEST DEVELOPERS IN THE WORLD Poland has one of the best developers in the world ( ). Most of them live and work in Wroclaw. Over 200 of them work for us.   Check how can we help you in growing your business. Do IT the clear way.


8.8 out of 10