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AlgoTech Solutions, Calea Turzii, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania
+40 747 775 175
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About Company

It's my company

We are an up and coming IT company whose purpose is to help materialise great ideas. We collaborate with start-ups worldwide, in our quest to both support the next killer app, and to spread code quality and best-practices. We have gathered the finest developers, most of us from algorithmics background. This is why we absolutely love a good technical challenge and have no problems adapting to new and revolutionary programming languages and frameworks. From our office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we provide world-class development and consultancy to our clients. Our streamlined software development process makes it easy for us to develop cross-platform applications that work on web and mobile. Some of our web technologies include Node.JS (Express, Sails and LoopBack), PHP (Symfony and Zend), Ruby (Rails) and JavaScript (AngularJS, React, Backbone and ExtJS), while our mobile portfolio covers both Android and iOS device apps written in PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native and Sencha Touch. However, our teams are open to any requirement in platform, programming language and/or framework. We offer consultancy services and custom software development, testing, documentation, maintenance and a fully professional but friendly relationship where we communicate to our clients to make sure the end application is exactly what they want.

At Algotech Solutions, we have expertise in many of the popular frameworks. Want to know more about our stack?


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