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About Company

As a Kubernetes Partner and certified service provider, Altoros helps Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies to deliver easily scalable and upgradable apps. We offer consulting, training, and end-to-end solution development to support Kubernetes adoption across industries.

Our team builds a production-ready EKS/AKS/VMware Tanzu cluster integrated with enabled continuous integration/delivery pipeline (CI/CD), message queues, image registry, logging, monitoring, etc. A production-grade Kubernetes MVP on AWS/Azure/VMware Tanzu. As a result, you get a highly available and secure cluster with enhanced operational visibility.

What we do

Our services range from assistance with selecting the most optimal technology stack, to developing complex solutions, and integration and migration of legacy systems.

Main areas of expertise

    • Custom Software and Product Development

    • Technology Consulting

    • Maintenance and Support

    • Cloud-native development (microservices, containers, PaaS)

    • Kubernetes Services

    • Integration and legacy systems modernization