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About Company

Appscrip brings all the popular business models like social, on-demand, shopping, discovery, chat, and booking in one place via our robust, customizable & scalable app containers & scripts.

We cater to a large magnitude of industries and business niches. If you need to accelerate your business or kickstart your startup, Appscrip is the choice for you.

With one of the fastest development-to-launch practices in the industry, Appscrip has launched entrepreneurs and business from a variety of industries and business niches, around the globe.

Appscrip now delivers over 200 apps/year globally with a team of 110 members at an average of 60 days/app that otherwise would take almost 6-9 months to develop.

Major Clients we have worked for include Inmobi, Deutsche Bank, Tata Steel, Foretees, Al-Jazirah, Coke & more.

Technologies worked with include (but not limited to):

  • Mobile - iOS & Android application development
  • Cloud - AWS, Hadoop, Heroku
  • Enterprise - Salesforce Application Development
  • IOT - ELK stack ( Elasticsearch , Logstash , Kibana )
  • Analytics - Python and R, Grafana
  • Web - MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, Node JS) stack and Python
  • Databases - MongoDB, Postgres, GraphDB, CouchDB, REDIS, ElasticSearch
  • Real Time - Pubnub, MQTT, RabbitMQ