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Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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About Company

We transform ideas into digital products on time, with no pain. Our agile process is centred around transparency and fast progress while offering high levels of quality and services. In order to build something you need to understand how it works, that is why we do everything in-house. Moreover, we are here to assist you during all your expedition from idea to app stores.

Our process is our secret recipe


We are avid users of scrum methodology and task tracking tools. You can monitor which part of the project is currently under development in real time. Moreover we also offer a CI/CD pipeline which means that you can play with the latest version of the app anytime you like.


Mobile applications are our passion. Our focus is on building outstanding and performant mobile apps. We have a proven track record of over 10 years in the industry and our developers have build apps in the domains of e-commerce, navigation, cryptocurrencies, home automations & IoT, AR & VR, transportation and live audio and video streaming. We are masters of mobile software architectures and low level programming which makes our apps flexible and performant.


All the development is done in-house which means we can answer all the questions about your project and provide status updates or assist you into fixing any struggles which you might encounter. The best part is that we offer this 24/7, which means you can contact us day’n night and we’ll be there for you. We will have overlapping working hours no matter where you’re located.


A business is an agreement from which every part involved should win, 95% of our clients have chosen to work with us again and for more than 70% we have done over 3 projects. For all the apps developed by us we offered maintenance for many years. 

Needs Analysis

We work together to identify the key needs of your business.


Based on you requirements we define the look and feel of your product.

User Testability

We validate the chosen design to make sure that we are building something user friendly and catchy.


You sit back while we are building your app. You can check the status of the app anytime by downloading the latest build available.

Quality Assurance

Our most paranoid and pretentious colleagues will test the app to ensure everything works and looks perfect.

Ship & Maintenance

We release the newly born baby into the wild, while assisting you with marketing it.

We offer a large variety of services that cover all the spectrum of mobile applications. We are collaborating with well established companies as well as with businesses which just start out. We treat every project like it"s our first, with the same passion, curiosity and love to forge, however we are not beginners and our youth enthusiasm is seasoned with over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry.


    • Wireframing & prototyping

    • Concept development

    • Branding & identity

    • Interaction & interface design

    • Usability testing


    • iOS (ObjC, Swift)

    • Android (Java, Kotlin)

    • Integration & performance (C, C++)

    • Backend (Ruby on Rails, Go, C++)

    • Data storage (Real time, SQL, NoSQL)

    • Middle layers

Quality Assurance

    • Manual & automated testing

    • User acceptance testing

    • Explorative testing

    • Multi-device testing

    • Penetration testing

    • 24/7 support

What happens when you contact us?

In the week after you reached us, we will come back with a review and a cost estimate. Based on your request we will find solutions for solving your challenges and achieving your dreams. There are no obligations from your side! If privacy is a sensible topic for you, don"t worry, we got you covered.


9.8 out of 10