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Tymienieckiego - ŁSSE (1978), Łódź, Poland
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  • Graphic Design
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About Company

Our priorities are: Your business and services at the highest possible level

We have extensive experience that we have gained while working for companies from various sectors. Thanks to this, we are able to help you choose the right technology and implement it to maximize the profits that result from this.

We have created projects for cities, systems for international corporations, experimental applications for personal development, a virtual trainer, toy builder wizard, and now we are waiting for your project.

We focus on education
In addition, that we educate ourselves continuously, we try to make our contribution, to educate other, was the greatest. We help young entrepreneurs through free classes in selection of technology, marketing, sales and UX. We are helping foundations and associations.

Throughout duration of the project you have an insight into the process of its implementation. On request, we give you access to the repository with application, to the project management system, and project manager care. You can see what we do and on which issue we are working in this moment. You have also access to the documentation. We Regularly prepare reports on the project time-consuming and its current costs.

We love to talk
We love to talk about our work, also when we meet socially. That is why we love to talk about the project with our customers. You can come over for coffee, send an email or call us. We are also available on Slack and Skype In case if we were not available, you can leave us messages 24 hours a day.