• Software Development
Nocznickiego, Warsaw, Poland
  • SQL
  • C#
  • .NET
  • AngularJS

About Company

FlareSoftware serves a wide range of industries, provides our clients with cutting-edge technologies to improve their business processes. From high performance, low latency credit risk computing in worlds well known banking group to micro-controllers firmware for a local ticketing solution. And we put passion in every single line o code.

Modern software projects require client-facing approach with great runtime performance and scalability, as well as easy code maintenance and extensibility. That is why in our daily work we emphasis clean code principles that keeps low modification cost and allows new features to be delivered faster. Constant computing complexity checks makes our software faster and less resource greedy, which adds even more value to your business.

There is no magic in software, but deep understanding of mechanisms underneath. We look forward to checking how our experience can help building your project.