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Your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments.

Build a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process with HireVue. Together, we can improve the way you discover, engage, and hire talent.

End-to-end hiring experience platform

Seamlessly engage, screen, assess, interview and hire
HireVue enables a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring experience for hiring teams and candidates alike. We integrate with market-leading ATS and calendar systems to streamline the most tedious and time-consuming hiring activities with conversational ai, video interviewing, assessments, and automated scheduling. On one platform, you can move the needle on your most pressing hiring challenges, from time to hire to new hire diversity to candidate experience.

Business hiring solutions

  • Hire the people who will grow your business

Most hiring decisions are based on a flawed model; after all, a strong CV or a degree from a big name university don’t tell us whether or not someone will be successful in a given role. That’s why HireVue offers a better solution that will help you assess the qualifications that really matter.

  • Evaluate more than just coding proficiency

Hiring for technical roles means more than focusing solely on their technical qualifications. Experience with specific programming languages is only part of the skillset your team needs in a particular role. HireVue brings together best-in-class technical assessments with evaluations of soft skills. You need the full picture of a candidate with skills like collaboration, communication, and problem solving.

  • Hire at scale in a fraction of the time

High volume hiring is a complex process, but HireVue helps recruitment teams evaluate for service, sales and operations staff efficiently and effectively at scale. HireVue’s proprietary technology will help you get the competitive advantage, ensuring that your direct brand representatives are building high-value, long-term customer relationships for your business.

  • Translate student potential to employee performance

Without experience, students can look the same on paper. It’s not always a safe assumption to correlate academic accomplishments with future job performance. Enter HireVue: we help you zero in on what it really takes to succeed at an entry-level position and assess new and soon-to-be grads for those characteristics instead of relying on grades or university.

  • Helping the public sector navigate complex hiring challenges

HireVue helps government agencies compete with the private sector for top talent by expanding the talent pool and eliminating barriers in the hiring process. Incorporating video interviews and modern pre-hire assessments enables public sector organisations to fight bias in the hiring process, manage surging applicant volume, and identify top talent quickly.

  • Prepare students for the new world of hiring

The old job search playbook for students was torn up in 2020, forcing companies, universities and students to quickly transition to virtual experiences. With HireVue, your students will have the confidence to ace their virtual interviews by experiencing an actual mock HireVue (free for Universities). Careers services can also expand their coaching support using HireVue for interview feedback.



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