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About Company

At It’s Revolution we pride ourselves on the quality of work we do and the work ethic we follow. No, we really do. We have brought together a great team of project managers, developers and designers and have worked with startups and established companies on complex projects including running the ongoing mobile development for UK company GigRev.


Any development project needs care and attention from start to finish and even with the best developers in the world, without great project management and understanding things won’t work out well.

We see things through all the way and as well as building projects with an end date also provide ongoing development for those projects that never end.


We not only help you keep to your budget and timelines but we also do all of our work to very high industry standards.

We all know that once contracts have been agreed they should never have to be looked at unless there is a problem. We’ve never had a client with this problem, and don’t intend to, but if we did, you’re protected under English Law backed up with English contracts.

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