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About Company

Make Directory Developers, LLC is a complete web and application development company, offering experience in Javascript, PHP, CSS, and HTML in a client-centric development process. Whether it be nailing an aesthetic, adding on back-end development, or even troubleshooting revisions after going live, the six stages in our development process guarantee detail oriented results with each milestone, down to the final lines of code.
Our reputation is built simply on honesty and commitment, and we hold no reservations in our communication and perseverance with each customer. You will have access to our custom project management system, Make Directory Blackboard, specifically geared towards transparency, convenience, and ease-of-use. Our system builds a practical online experience for both you and your audience.

With services spanning from web and mobile development, ecommerce, design, and marketing, we can deliver exceptional services tailored to your vision. More importantly, we will ensure that you understand the maintenance processes needed for continuing future operations. The most valuable part of our relationships with clients is that we are always here for support!