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About Company

millermedia7 is a digital, full service innovation, branding, software, UX, and digital strategy agency that exists only for the stratospheric elevation of brands. Our team has over 50 years of combined, vital experience in myriad industries. We wholeheartedly embrace the web, video, social media, mobile, and all facets of design. Millermedia7 believes that transparency, automation and streamlined workflows yield opportunities to tackle a new generation of communication challenges that many companies are now experiencing for the first time.

We"re a tight knit collective of strategists, designers, developers, technology teams, and digital change agents that work together to form impactful campaigns that elevate brands. We"ve worked with some of the big boys and also the smaller business, and we have found that in each case as long as we listen, bring great ideas and trust our expertise things work out great. We wholeheartedly embrace technology, mobile, social, video, human centered design, storytelling, and great digital strategy. We just want to bring our knowledge to the table to help build a better digital experience.

+ Mobile Application & Web Development
+ Interactive Game, Widget, and Custom Application Development
+ User Interaction & User Experience
+ Rich media, 3D product development
+ Strategic Marketing & Design
+ Digital/New Media/Video
+ Branding
+ Social Media & Content Creation
+ Social Engagement
+ Company Culture Engineering

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