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About Company

Orbit Informatics is a 360-degree web solution provider that has earned the reputation of being one of the best web design & development company while being very affordable. 360-degree solution refers to their ability to provide from a-z in for all the web needs a business might have.Starting in 2014, Orbit Informatics is relatively a new player in the field, but not a small one. They are one of the major players when it comes to web solution provider. They are a UK registered firm that has operates out of Bangladesh.Their services include web design & development, content marketing, social media & digital media marketing, AI development, app development and BPO services. One other service that is quite unique to Orbit is their One-stop startup solutions.With highly skilled teams of developers, digital marketers and content writers; you will be in a safe hand for all your needs.Orbit Informatics provides high caliber services. Their esteemed digital marketing service has made them the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. Their reputation has quickly grown to an unprecedented level. They are very familiar not just in their local region, but also internationally. Currently, they have businesses with companies from four different continents and they are expanding their clientele even more.Orbit Informatics is thus a well repuated agency in the global stage that offer some of the best web design & development and digital marketing in Bangladesh.


9.3 out of 10