Media Partnership

WADLINE offers to share the information about your event on IT, web & app development, software, startups, high-tech, etc.

We Offer:

  • Event-page in our “Events” section with media-information and links to booking and Event website;
  • Placement of the Event-Banner on Homepage;
  • Distribution of the Event information using our network by E-mail (we have more than 20.000 IT-users);
  • Presence of our journalist on press-conferences of your Event
  • Publication of an article following the results of the Event

We Expect:

  • Placement of a WADLINE logo with a link to Event website;
  • Placement of a WADLINE logo on printed media materials;
  • Accreditation to your Event;
  • Adding WADLINE information to handout materials or placing WADLINE production on advertising stands
  • Placement of a WADLINE billboard / stand at the Event.

How We Work:

  • The Partner must contact us no less than two weeks before the Event and provide us with all the information about it:
    • Title, date, time, schedule, and location of the Event;
    • The number of expected attendees;
    • How you plan to promote your Event (via Mass Media, via emails, etc.).
    • Within several days the process of agreeing terms will take place and after that WADLINE representatives will provide the Partner with an answer;
    • Upon reaching arrangements, the Partner sends all the documents for release on WADLINE.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are open for partnership offers.

Our contact email: [email protected]