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Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 20, Kyiv, Ukraine
+1(267) 766-0225

About Company

Softwarium was founded almost twenty years ago with a vision of providing companies of all sizes with innovative, technological solutions to meet their business needs and give them a competitive advantage. We specialize in enterprise, web, cloud and mobile development projects (iOS, Android, Node.js, Java, Angular 7) with complex back-end DBMS. The processes that we use help identify the characteristics of your users by taking the time to understand their needs, wants and limitations.

As an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and nearshore software development company, Softwarium offers extensive customer engagement models to achieve outstanding results and user experience. This is done by extensively collaborating with the customer to understand all of the technical requirements down to the most minute detail. With more than 80 engineers in-house we are able to provide our customers with top quality talent while reducing development costs at the same time.

We pay special attention to work with particular verticals and can present you with sizeable portfolios in directions such as Aerospace, Healthcare and Clinical Research, Supply Chain and Logistics and Education. From startups to Fortune 500 businesses, our nearshore software development company builds a culture of mutual trust that lasts for decades.

In 2017, Softwarium launched its American branch, SoftArea, to better serve its customers in the USA and Canada. With sales offices located in Philadelphia, PA and Pescadero, CA clients will be able to count on us for timely assistance with all of their development needs.


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