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Morawskiego 12, Poznań, Poland
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About Company

We are Europe’s Python Powerhouse. Over 150 developers stand ready to empower your project with extraordinary code and a results-driven Agile process. Our toolbox of frameworks includes Django, Angular and ReactJS, each chosen to create reliable solutions in short order.Based in Poland, we employ a total of over 280 people including UX designers, automatic QA testers and communication experts ensuring smooth cooperation with our partners. With over 12 years of experience under our belt, we can provide full-stack web apps to clients across all industries. We are proud to work with long-term technology partners throughout the US, Middle East and Western Europe.When you start working with us, your project becomes our project. Our code becomes your code. More than that, we put your strategy and your goals at the heart of our efforts throughout the entire partnership. Over the years, we’ve learned the value of concentrated effort, leading to the development of our work model: one team, one room, one client, full focus. Our expertise gives us the flexibility to serve and delight clients in any market in the world with outsourcing, team extension and team augmentation services. We are also ready to scale our teams up and down, transforming to meet your needs.Within the company we maintain a constant exchange of ideas for development, self-actualization and innovation. Through mutual support and teamwork, we create a place to let any and all positive energy flow freely between our people. This energy translates into the atmosphere of sheer fun that we strive to maintain in working with our clients.


9.7 out of 10