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About Company

Strategy, Design & Development for global enterprise, governments & not for profits

With a client base ranging from Ikea to the United Nations, we have established ourselves as expert technical partners for leading brands and mission critical operations. Since our inception we have evolved into a company that is perfectly poised to assist companies drive innovation rather than simply survive.

Relieving You of Pressure We carry the burden of many common technical challenges that businesses face, such as avoiding technical debt and remaining extensible through building IT ecosystems and evolutionary architecture. It is important that we meet your goals and not bombard you with every technical detail. That said, we prefer transparency over a black box approach to development so you can see everything at all times, and we welcome you into our deepest technical conversations.

We also standardise on building security from the outset and maintain it throughout a project lifecycle so it is never an issue. Our Service Level Agreement covers this to ensure continued peace of mind.

Strategy We develop a unique strategy for every client that we work with. Every project begins with a focus on learning and we conduct a deep-dive investigation in order to create a robust base of knowledge to work from. Research varies by project, but often we will dig for insights into a client’s specific industry or market segment. This could include current systems, tech, or a potentially desired UX. Our research then allows us to tailor solutions to meet challenges and solve problems.

We also consistently use Hypothesis Driven Design Thinking - scientific experiments in the digital field to:
• Set measurable goals
• Build mid-long term strategy roadmaps (2-5yrs)
• Break plans into prioritised short sprints of work (typically 2 weeks)
• Have data-backed results for each experiment
• Rinse and repeat quickly on lessons learned

Our general rule of thumb is that technology is just a tool, but it’s still the best tool for building businesses to meet the bottom line of generating more revenue. This requires, however, a flexible strategy with an Agile mindset, which can remain a fluid policy to build up over time.


8.6 out of 10