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Data Science for Your Business

We apply Machine Learning, Neutral Networks and Artificial Intelligence to provide fully automated, dedicated solutions for your business. Our Data Science experts carry out audits of your current solutions, provide consulting to reach the best direction of development and comprehensively execute the wole project: from analysis, through implementation, up to final launch and maintenance. As a result, our team delivers intelligent systems which derive information from historical data, automate processes and optimize the company"s workflow, thus increasing revenue & reducing costs of your business.


9.9 out of 10

Reviewed by Maruta Wachta sp.j.

The CRM legal platform developed by TogetherData offers legal practice management powered by Artificial Intelligence & driven by real time analytics. With an extensive and fast-growing client base and robust case portfolios, we were seeking a legal practice management solution that would consolidate our client data; help the firm acquire, retain and manage clients more efficiently; automate the process of case management and billing. We really enjoy CRM legal - it’s an intuitive web interface that allows them to undertake their work anywhere. What’s more, easily self-customize the system with configuration tools and enable our firm meet the ever-evolving business needs.

Services: Web Development

Reviewed by CS Group Polska S.A.

TogetherData developmed unified CRM/BI class system and integration with more than 3 thousands client’s CRM systems. This platform is unified customer service system with the functionality of automating all communication processes. The use of service automation modules and the implementation of chatbot will significantly increase the competitiveness and efficiency of customer service.

Services: Web Development

Reviewed by Payholding SA

Data Warehouse Optimization, Optimization of Funnel Conversion The Main Goal: track leads through the entire sales conversion process, from a click on an adword ad to the final transaction Optimization of funnel conversion Market basket analysis & pricing optimization Business Intelligence 2.0 - Data Warehouse optimization that enables Data Engineers & Scientists to work more effectively with Big Data Results: Introduced new technology stack for Data Scientists (migration from SQL DB + R to Spark + Jupiter + python / R) Many optimizations within areas: recommendation systems, marketing automation, next best offer Programming technologies used: recommendation algorithms, java, php, big-query database, mysql database, cloud computing

Services: Web Development

Reviewed by IQ MONEY SP. Z O.O.

The project: Robo-Advisory - digital platform The Main Goal: that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human supervision. Platform collects information from clients about their financial situation and future goals through an online survey, and then uses the data to offer advice and/or automatically invest client assets. Results: The advantage of modern robo-advisory platform has completely changed that narrative by delivering the service straight to consumers. Robo-advisors are capable of handling much more sophisticated tasks which is investment selection and buying process optimisation. Efficiency is a significant advantage. Before implementing robo-advisory, if a client wanted to execute a trade, he/she would have to call or physically meet a financial advisor, explain their needs, fill out the paperwork and wait. Now, all of that can be done with the click of a few buttons in the comfort of one’s home. Programming technologies used: recommendation algorithms, python, big-query database, cloud computing

Services: Web Development