Pricing: 29.5 USD / Month

Free Price on request Monthly subscription

Business Size: Big Middle Small

Platforms: iPhone / iPad Android Web

Deployment: Cloud

Demo Access: 30


WORKSLAM - Team Management & Employee Recognition. Interact with the team, reward, encourage, learn, plan, make the workflow better!

Workslam is an innovative service aimed at manage, control and encouraging employees. The product deals with small- and medium- sized business issues of employees efficiency control and incentive.

Create a company
Get an invite and register in the application. Fill out the company information and start using the application.

Invite employees
After registration, invite your employees. Select administrators and moderators from among your employees and distinguish between their rights.

Whole team together
All employees and projects in a single user-friendly infrastructure. You will be aware of what is happening in your company and make decisions in any place convenient for you.

Reward employees for a job well done or encourage initiative.

Apply a penalty to employees for miscalculations or unsatisfactory quality of the performed work.

Control time
The time tracker will help to keep track precisely of efficiency of each employee and to competently distribute tasks between all.

The system of points demonstrates efficiency of employees and explains your decisions.

Lead projects
Use convenient and evident means for maintaining projects - the chart Gantta. you can visually watch and build plans for each of projects and monitor their performance.

All corporate knowledge base is available to employees in one place now.

Freedom of choice
Opportunity to change rewards for discounts, goods and services.

Know where your employees
You will be able always to learn where there is an employee performing the work. Adjust zones on the card and receive notifications about location of employees.


Detailed information

Starting price: 29.5 USD / Month

Pricing: Free Price on request Monthly subscription


Business Size: Big Middle Small

Platforms: iPhone / iPad Android Web

Deployment: Cloud

Demo Access: 30


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