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About Company

The BayTech Approach - The BayTech Difference

We own your outcome: Our Founders personally oversee every project. We ensure you get the results you need through the software we build.

Process guides the project: Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall and Kanban boards are available to manage your project. We won’t waste time or money. We don’t get mired in meetings. We keep things simple.

Your staff made savvier: Delivering great software is just the beginning. Your staff needs the know-how to use it. Our support and training will help your team get the most from your new custom applications.

We live to code: Our team speaks geek. When we’re not making innovative software for our customers, we’re building robots in the basement. Ask us. Maybe we’ll show you sometime.


The first phase is the meeting of the minds. We get to know you,

and your needs so we understand the problem at hand.


Every project starts with an upfront agreement on cost and timing.

We will offer a custom software solution that is worth the investment.


The core of our expertise resides here. Understanding your market,

your competition and how we can help set you apart is what we do best.

We translate your unique business needs into software solutions.


Writing software is not a one size fits all proposition. A kitchen remodel and a skyscraper are dramatically different projects. We have the experience to use the right tools and methodologies to make your project a success.


Our team of architects and developers will bring your vision to reality.

Your software development and testing are all done in-house,

by real people you can talk to anytime you need.


Take your solution to the world. Enjoy the benefits of what custom designed software can create for your business and customers.

Business Analysis

The core focus of any business is profit. Everything else is secondary including the technology solutions you choose. All technology, whether hardware or software is simply a means to an end. At BayTech Consulting we are acutely aware of the reality of running a business. We’ve worked with small, medium and enterprise organizations who all depend on our in-depth understanding of their corporate goals, objectives, and strategies. Our business analysis helps translate your business needs into software solutions.

Software Development

Software applications have now become the workhorse of almost every business in the market. From home-based businesses to the multi-faceted international operations, BayTech Consulting has designed and built software solutions for every kind of business need. Our enterprise application experience means we can create results for your business. Software has evolved, and so have the companies that build it.

Quality Assurance

Custom software solutions should enable a business to do more with less. For this reason, quality assurance has become a necessity, and we stand behind it. Our quality testing is our way of walking the talk with your software. If it doesn’t work, we will fix it. But most of the time we will catch the bugs well before you do. At BayTech Consulting we’ve always believed that you are only as good as clients say you are. Our quality processes are the reason that our clients come back time after time.

Long-Term Development

We don’t build applications that won’t stand the test of time. Each business we work with creates a real partnership. BayTech Consulting offers you a reliable, talented, and knowledgeable team of real people. We’re available to answer your questions, to build what you need, and help your business thrive. We don’t just build software, we become a part of your team.


9.7 out of 10